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Blockchain Application Development

We Bring security and transparency by building innovative blockchain solutions for public and Private chains.

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The pillars on which DevOps is built are People, Processes and Technology
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We build custom software for Start-ups and enterprises using emerging technologies including AI, Blockchain, cloud and IoT.

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We design, develop and maintain Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Data Security Application Development

Data Encryption solutions with comprehensive key management solutions

Who We Are

We Train, Build and Secure Data for custom Industry needs that gives our clients speed and ability to build and deploy their solution faster than anyone else. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality Application/Solutions and work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are being met from the very beginning of the project and throughout.

Our Customers Include

Our Customers Include

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Our Work

PHR – Public Health Records

TRUSTED EHR – Electronic Health Records which is in full
control of the indivisual and can be shared with registered
Doctors/Prac;;oners for Opions and also with institutions
where authentic medical data is required.

Project Highlights

Private Blockchain
In full control of the Patient/Indivisual
Share Records to Doctors / Institutions
Revoke access
Permissions & RevokPrivate IPFS cluster – PKI Encrypted for Distributed
Data access [Large files] e Access

Trusted Academic Certificate – University

Authencity of Certificate can no be doubted if its Decentralized
– hashed & Blockchained. Anyone who has the Public Hash of
the certificate can verify the certificate Authencity.

Project Highlights

Hybrid – Public + Private Blockchain
Asset Authencity Management
Block Explorer
Blockchain Events Handling
Extensive – Data Search / Analytics / Smart Query

Private-Ethereum-Blockchain-Setup with Clique Consensus

Setup Private ethereum Blockchain with Secure Validator Nodes and Integrated with MetaMask. .

Project Highlights

Initialize bootnode
Blockchain initialized through puppeth, assigning minimum 2 validation nodes upto any no of Validator Node.
Separate datadirs for nodes with key folder and password on file in the folder.
Genesis file digitally signed for better security.
Node created to integrate with Metamask /Etherdelta.

Security Token Development for USA Market

The KYC or AML process is now standard practice for any legitimate ICO looking to raise funds. These processes not only benefit the project implementing them but also help to protect those with interest within the project. Apart from KYC/AML It validates Accreditation status of Investor like Rea RegD, RegA+ as per USA Securities Law and accordingly it allows for Investment.

Project Highlights

Token supports KYC/AML Identity Verification.
Issuer can create various type of ICO for different type of investor like Regs, RegD or RegsRegD .
Token Lock period can be decided during distribution.
Ownership of ICO can be changed at runtime.
Token can be peg to Dollar

What our Clients say

It’s a pleasure working with Sandeep. We commissioned him to help build a very complex piece of smart contract code on the Etherium blockchain. Sandeep was patient and took the time to understand the details of the project. He then specked it out and drew flowcharts explaining everything he understood. His thought process was extremely detail-oriented and enabled us to produce a functional product that exceeds all expectations. I recommend him highly and continue to work with him.

Vince Mundy

Founder, CEO , BrightCoin

Working with KonnectedMindz has been a great experience. My team and I enjoyed working closely with Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Mustafa. Their deep knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technology allowed them to map a very complex process flow and turn it to a working Hyperledger Blockchain platform.

I was highly satisfied with their work and because of that I have engaged KonnectedMindz on my second project.

I would recommend KonnectedMindz to any company with great confidence.

Mathew Mohono

Makini Group

Blockchain Training and Capability Building Partners

Konnected Mindz full-fills your training and capability needs by supporting you to scale your Data Security resources quickly and to be able to serve your clients better by minimising the gap for skilled resources.

Cipher Technology Partner of Gemalto – The Number ONE in Data Security Products

We provide and integrate Industry-leading Identity and Data Protection solutions by Gemalto and help customers adapt their business and security needs to meet the challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with industry-leading authentication, encryption, and crypto-management solutions that address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors.

Blockchain Solutioning Partners

Proud Blockchain Solutioning Partners of One of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world.

Blockchain for the Enterprise and Business

Pioneer and deep expertise in Enterprise Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric with two Best Seller Books, production ready Blockchain Application, numerous Proof of Concepts.

Minimise risk, protect sensitive data and adapt Best Practices

Sensitive data is everywhere. In a climate of advanced threats and breaches, dense virtualization and multi-cloud deployments, evolving regulatory mandates, Konnected Mindz provides you the solution to secure and control your sensitive information while improving efficiencies—even in the most complex environments.

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