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Data Security Application Development

We are Integration partner of Gemalto Thales .

2Factor Authentication

Our Product will provide one more layer of security to access the device or Application.

We can integrate solution by using the below protocol:

  • Radius Protocol
  • SAML Protocol
  • API based Integration for (Java, .Net application)
  • Agent Based Integration for Windows logon, IIS Server and Linux SSH
  • Develop 2FA and Multifactor authentication for our various Application
  • Integrate Gemalto Multifactor solution in various Client Application

Key Management Solution

We can help u to provide centralised management for Keys and Certificate.

Key feature of the product is given below:

  • DB encryption
  • Digital Singing
  • File Server Protection
  • Virtualization Protection

HSM Integration with Various Blockchain based Application

Hardware security module (HSM) for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for blockchain systems using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and wallets


  • Secures sensitive identity; keys and data used in blockchain-based distributed computing platforms.
  • HSM provides unrivalled key generation and protection for Blockchain specific elliptic curves.

Blockchain Training and Capability Building Partners

Konnected Mindz full-fills your training and capability needs by supporting you to scale your Data Security resources quickly and to be able to serve your clients better by minimising the gap for skilled resources.

Cipher Technology Partner of Gemalto – The Number ONE in Data Security Products

We provide and integrate Industry-leading Identity and Data Protection solutions by Gemalto and help customers adapt their business and security needs to meet the challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with industry-leading authentication, encryption, and crypto-management solutions that address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors.

Blockchain Solutioning Partners

Proud Blockchain Solutioning Partners of One of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world.

Blockchain for the Enterprise and Business

Pioneer and deep expertise in Enterprise Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric with two Best Seller Books, production ready Blockchain Application, numerous Proof of Concepts.

Minimise risk, protect sensitive data and adapt Best Practices

Sensitive data is everywhere. In a climate of advanced threats and breaches, dense virtualization and multi-cloud deployments, evolving regulatory mandates, Konnected Mindz provides you the solution to secure and control your sensitive information while improving efficiencies—even in the most complex environments.

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